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RFID provides

answer to the UK´s waste challenges


c-trace’s RFID provides answers to the UK’s waste challenges

The public rarely separate waste streams with 100% accuracy. While educating them is important, there will always be those who put last night’s takeaway packaging in with their residual waste. Is there a way of stopping them? Food waste discarded in the wrong place is one of the biggest challenges in domestic waste and recycling collections. With the recycling bar being raised along with landfill prices, the pressure is on to stamp bad practices like this out. 

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification technology – can provide a solution. Indeed, c-trace’s robust hardware and widely used software is already being used to shape customer behaviour across Europe and beyond. The principles of RFID are simple: an inexpensive tag or chip (a passive transponder) with a unique ID number embedded. The device does nothing until it is activated by electromagnetic waves from an antenna fitted to the collection vehicle which records the ID number.

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