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New Headquarters  
topping-out ceremony

In the company of 70 employees and numerous builders.


c-trace celebrates our new headquarters topping-out ceremony in the company of 70 employees and numerous builders

Our answer to the challenges of the current and future waste management market is to move up to a purpose built corporate headquarters in Bielefeld. This is our “Digital Lab” and will enable us to excel in the digitisation of waste management information revolution taking place across the globe. 

The building is able to provide a modern office and industrial workspace for up to 150 employees and provides 5,400 square meters of office space. This investment is for our future and gives us a space four times larger than our current offices and workshops. 

c-trace is the market leader for IT and logistic solutions for the waste management sector in Germany and since our foundation in 2005 we have gone form 20 employees to a current figure of almost 100.

The new building had its topping-out ceremony on August 31st, 2018 with staff coming from our sister companies across Europe along with members of the Goldbeck project team responsible for planning and construction of the new building.

For those unfamiliar with the topping-out ceremony it is a long held tradition in some (not all) European countries which calls for good fortune for a new building and takes place as the name suggests when the roof is put in place.

"With an open, agile work and building concept we will improve the communication and the output of our teams," says Torsten Olschewsky, one of the three managing directors, explaining the reasons for an investment in the high single digit millions.

Shareholder and c-trace founder Helmut Ziegler attaches great importance to employee participation: "The transparent and sustainable participation of our employees is part of the ongoing process of change, which makes our daily work so special now and in the new Digital Lab. All employees - from systems and software developers to administration and service - are integrated into the building and office plans in this long-term change process. Every feedback is important to us. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to view the shell construction phase with all our company departments. This means that all employees can get their own impression of the new work area with floor-to-ceiling windows and natural light even in the shell construction phase. "

The goal of the design-oriented and flexible c-trace office concept is that all departments working on the implementation of projects work together on one floor. In this way, we can achieve optimised networked communication and be able to set up workstations in an optimised lay out. This innovative use of space is only possible through a concentric arrangement of the various departments around the central atrium which allows light into the building.

Our Digital Lab not only scores with its high variability in the flexible use of space, but also offers enough space to expand with our international customers in the long term.

Co-partner and c-trace co-founder Michael Eikelmann explains about regenerative and digital building technology: "The photovoltaic system meets the solar gernerative requirements of the 'KfW 55 standard' (German standard for energy efficient construction) and will cover a considerable part of the energy requirements for air conditioning and electricity. The next step in the process is the completion of our offices and workshop before moving in in April/May 2019.

The attractive sunlit atrium and cafeteria will be the hub of the new building and a place for a recharge and discussion.

The annual c-trace staff party took place at the same time as the topping-out ceremony. In this way, the c-trace team was able to celebrate our new home.