Guildford Borough Council


Guildford Borough Council

 takes delivery of dual compartment


Guildford Borough Council takes delivery of dual compartment trade recycling and food recycling truck.

In May 2021 GBC took a flexible trade recycling solution with dynamic weighing and RFID from c-trace.

This is the first of it’s kind c-trace has never fitted load cells to this type of lifter body is Dennis Eagle Olympus Twin Pack Lifter is a prepared with can-bus communication Terberg Omi-Del Triple low voltage electric.

Terberg prepared the load cell pockets to accept c-trace digital load cells and agreed a set of communication protocols.

This was not a major engineering project due to c-trace exact preparation instructions and with co-operation from both parties and some practical application on site the job was done remarkably easily.

Making future co-operation possible, c-trace is an independent supplier and happy to fit to a wide variety of lifters on the market.

This lifter had four communication channels and can relay simultaneously the emptying data, weight, GPS time RFID tag of up to three bins loaded automatically. Our system didn’t need any major additional parts and works with only one weighing computer.

In most cases the 70% side is used for four wheel containers with mixed dry recycling providing comparative weights to Guildford customers the 30% side lifts and empties food waste from restaurants, pubs Hotels again giving vital KPI figures for rates. 

In 2015, Surrey County Council released a waste plan, which required accurate statistical analysis on commercial collections from LA’s operating within the county area. The only way to do this was to incorporate weighing systems on vehicles.

Guildford used the legal for trade systems to actively surcharge waste producers who exceeded a pre-determined level of weight per bin, this has drastically cut their costs and reduced the average weight of bins to an acceptable level, the affect was noticeable very quickly. 

This now having moved to recycling shows a commitment for accurate figures encouraging commercial recycling in the Borough. 

All there systems are accurate and legal for trade weiging bins in a two scale set up.

  • Accuracy class Y(b)
  • Multi-interval scale (max 500kg)
  • Resolution (Weighing range)
  • Two wheeled 1kg Increments 5 to 150k
  • Four wheeled 5kg Increments 25 to 50
  • Only valid weights that meet the correct sample criteria are billed.

Using the systems has given Guildford an even playing field and has resulted in the appropriate amount of bins to be provided to a commercial customer, source separation to recycling streams to reduce the residual bin and bring down the bill.

All information is directed by serial interface to the Councils Bartec on board order management system.  The scale takes measurements during the tipping cycle, the measurements or samples within the weighing window are used to calculate the weight. This is possible even in fully automatic mode.

A word to the engineers who did a remarkable job of fitting this first off one of a kind system, once we had agreed areas of responsibility for interface and signals it went very well. Mr. Martin looks forward to your enquiry by e-mail to i.martinDYXV@KEJIc-trace.coCZYW.LFKJuk.