R F I D Chip

RFID chips for intelligent containers

Our transponders identify containers via RFID technology automatically and reliably.

RFID chips

Container identification

Millions of waste containers carry a c-trace RFID chip. The RFID chip, also called a transponder, makes your container unique. Our RFID chips match address and container data and always guarantee ownership. Whether supplied by the container manufacturer or directly from us, we rely on industry standards and top quality. We work in the standardisation bodies in Germany and Europe to ensure that our transponders comply with the European norm and are future-proof.The use of RFID chips has proven the right solution in daily waste management operations. RFID chips work in all weather conditions, dust and grime. This is why we prefer chips to barcode solutions. The contactless reading of the RFID chips ensures substantially higher read rates than a barcode could ever achieve.The quality of production plays an important role, because top quality pays off. Low cost chips  even if they are standardised according to the manufacturer – often do not meet the requirements of waste management. Only a first-class RFID chip guarantees a long operational life and a good reading performance. Saving money on chips is often a false economy which might be paid dearly later: an exchange of containers due to a defective chip is always a more expensive solution.For (almost) every application and type of container, we have the right transponder of the appropriate design and necessary frequency. We focus on the customer's requirements and provide the best possible solution.

Good to know

  • Designed for the requirements of waste management
  • For different waste and skip containers
  • Absolute security against manipulation
  • Extremely high reading rates
  • Standardised according to EN 14803 and DIN 30745
  • Complies with the BDE / VKS and STOSAG (NL)