Dvnamic bin weiging system

Dynamic bin weighing 


The dynamic bin

weighing system

The key features of the c-trace dynamic weighing process are that it is consistently accurate and it does not slow down the bin lifting operation at all.
  • It achieves this by using top quality load cells to weigh the bin as many as 30 times as it is lifted, to produce an accurate gross weight. Then it weighs the empty bin – as many times again – as it is lowered.
  • The c-trace software instantly calculates the net weight of the materials collected and attributes this weight to that specific bin.
  • This can be determined with total reliability by an RFID tag or simply by the time and location the bin was emptied which is produced via a GPS tracking device in the vehicle.
c-trace’s dynamic weighing system is so accurate and reliable that it has been legally certified for weighing in trade waste collections.
  • It can accurately weigh bins up to 500kg. It does so in increments of 1kg for two-wheeled bins and 5kg increments for four-wheeled bins. The ‘weighing window’ is set up during fitting and calibration.
As soon as the bin has been weighed, the full data can be sent via GPS to the c-trace servers where it can be seamlessly translated into the required format of a bill, with all the data a customer would require.
  • Only valid weights can be billed. Sometimes, customers chose to have the data sent to their own in-cab or back-office order management systems.
  • Our software team simply agrees an interface protocol with the Order Management System provider so the data flow is, once again, seamless.
As an independent company, our dynamic weighing system works with all manufacturers’ bin lifts and our software interfaces perfectly with all other software formats. Mr. Martin looks forward to your enquiry by e-mail to i.martinDYXV@KEJIc-trace.coCZYW.LFKJuk