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Side loaders for waste collection

Specialised solutions for single-man operation  to
increase speed and efficiency all down the line.

Side loaders

A fast system designed for single-man operation

Efficiency plays an important role when using the grabber type side loader. For optimal use of refuse collection vehicles with a single-man operation c-trace offers tailor-made solutions suited specifically to these requirements. Side loader operations need to be smooth and well synchronized to benefit from the fast operating characteristics of this type of truck. Driver, vehicle and installed systems need to form a perfect team.
This type of vehicle requires a long reading range for reliable bin identification from the on board RFID identification system. We have successfully implemented identification solutions for grabbers which are now installed on many vehicles.
Specifically for single-man operation side loaders we have developed the FollowMe driver assistance system: This is a navigation solution with integrated tour guidance which guides the driver on his collection round. This is in particularly helpful for new drivers without local knowledge and ensures smooth operation even with a new or replacement driver.
For bin weighing on side loaders we have developed specifically designed weighing systems.