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c-trace helps
Guildford BC 

cut commercial waste costs  


c-trace helps Guildford BC cut commercial waste costs

c-trace’s dynamic weighing system has helped Guildford Borough Council, in the UK, to save money while encouraging more responsible recycling by its commercial waste customers. It was fitted to five refuse collection vehicles in 2016 to help the local authority understand how much waste commercial customers were disposing of so they could set a fair price for their collection and disposal services.  This initiative was part of a drive by Surrey County Council, with which it works on waste collection and disposal, to have a more complete picture of trade waste activity across the county.
By accurately weighing each bin it collected, Guildford BC was able to place a surcharge on waste producers who exceeded a pre-determined weight per bin. This has drastically cut their costs and reduced the average weight of bins as customers were quick to respond to this. It also had the effect of encouraging customers to recycle material in appropriate waste streams, to reduce the amount of residual waste and reduce their bill. And the c-trace dynamic weighing system has proved so successful that it is now being fitted to a sixth RCV.

c-trace’s UK Sales Director Ian Martin explained: “It’s inevitable that some commercial customers put more in their bins than they pay for. But unless the operator weighs them, they will get away with it. “Private operators in the UK have been quicker to fit weighing systems than local authorities and by doing so, they have identified those who routinely throw away more than they pay for. They’ve ditched those customers to avoid being out of pocket and so many of those have turned to the councils’ collecting services. “But now Guildford Borough Council has levelled the playing field and is leading the way for other councils to follow suit. They too can identify those customers and surcharge them when their bins are too heavy or make them pay for another bin.”
The c-trace dynamic weighing system works by weighing the bin several times as it is lifted and then as the empty bin is lowered again. This produces the net weight of the materials collected and doesn’t slow the collection process down at all. It is so accurate it can be legally used to charge for trade collections in the UK. And it can be used with any manufacturer’s bin lift and works with any existing order management system. “The lifts we fitted the system to in Guildford were Geesinknorba L200s but we’ll be fitting the sixth system to a Terberg lift. As an independent company we work with all these different manufacturers and our policy of working with other technology suppliers set us apart. “And we have a very flexible approach. In this case, Guildford wanted the weight data and the time and location to be recorded on their in-cab order management system provided by Bartec. So we agreed an interface protocol with Bartec.” Guildford Borough Council Fleet Manager Andy Mintram said: “The c-trace dynamic weighing system has been very useful to us. It has worked in very simply with hardware and software provided by other companies and has provided us with invaluable data that’s given us a real insight into the demands on our operation. “It confirmed what we suspected was happening and enabled us to see patterns quite clearly. Now we are able to work with our customers to resolve these issues and that is not only saving us money but providing an additional revenue stream.”
Mr. Martin looks forward to your enquiry by e-mail to i.martinDYXV@KEJIc-trace.coCZYW.LFKJuk