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You just get more from c-trace. We cover everything you need for daily work for the vehicle or in the office. With c-trace solutions you can maximise efficiencies in all waste management tasks – both municipal and trade and industrial alike.  

Intuitive software solutions keep track of your business; for waste management administration, planning and order management we provide the tailor-made solution. This enables you to control current and future external operations. Intelligent vehicle systems provide you with the tools to manage, telematics; RFID and weighing systems give you the transparency to bill and the knowledge to organise in the best possible way. Our RFID chips match address and container data and guarantee a clear assignment. We can also take care of your container management issues: our trained service teams ensure a smooth flow in distribution, collection and retrofitting of waste bins in the field.

With c-trace we can deliver the full range. From a simple solution to a complex overall project. Our solutions are modular and can be adapted to your individual requirements. Best of all, our systems grow with your requirements and are compatible with all ERP solutions. For integration into SAP, our team of advisors provides the highest level of consultant services.

Moreover: Our know-how of the waste management has been incorporated into solutions for other municipal tasks such as street cleaning and winter road services.

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