Künstliche Intelligenz in der Abfallwirtschaft

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The decision-making capacity of the human mind on our systems.

Using futureproofed technologies.

With artificial intelligence look forward to a cleaner future!

By using future technology of artificial intelligence (AI) it will help us move into a cleaner future. Purity of collected recyclable material has always been a central requirement. c-trace uses AI methods to simplify and economically map complex and cost-intensive processes, such as the detection of contamination and positively identify polluters.

As part of the further development of the circular economy, the quality of material streams plays an increasingly important role. AI-based software continuously learns and thus improves material type purity and recycling rates. With c-detect, c-trace has for the first time developed an AI-based system for the detection of contaminated material in biowaste collection. The system starts exactly where the waste produced. It checks and evaluates the contents of an organic waste bin and automatically detects contamination. In works combination with our c-ident identification system, c-trace can offer a holistic solution with the added bonus of shaping the disposal behaviour of residents. Use this to educate and inform bad practice, and if necessary enforce.

c-gap from c-trace will also be launched shortly: a camera-based system for detecting unpresented bins at the kerbside during collection in real time. This will significantly reduce costs and effort for follow up collections of ‘missed bins’. AI offers countless applications and scenarios that will strongly influence the development of c-trace products in the future. Cities, Councils and waste collecting companies will be able to enjoy the benefits of working in an efficient, resource-saving manor.