c-gap -
the video evidence for waste collection

See the gap!

Provides automatic detection of unpresented bins to avoid return collection of ‘missed bins’

Developed to help with many cities, Councils and waste disposal companies, we know that the policing of missed collection is a high cost and time-consuming exercise.

With c-gap, the latest development of c-trace, proof is automatically provided as to whether the resident’s demand for a subsequent collection of a bin is justified or unjustified. A camera system on the collection vehicle takes event-related, data protection-compliant images of the waste containers presented.

The c-gap software compares the recordings with the lists of all containers on the round, records and documents only the missing containers via a video stream. In this way, it can be proven whether a complaint/return journey for a container that has not been presented is justified or not. In this way it saves, many miles, time and costs. c-gap has been patented and the first prototypes are being tested.

We expect to be able to provide you with c-gap from Q1/2023.