Container management

Container services

Distribution, collection and retrofit of waste containers.

Container management

Every container firmly under control

A container exchange service is one of the daily tasks of waste management operators. But what if all of the containers need to be changed? The reason may be that an RFID chip (transponder) needs to be added to each container or that new waste containers must be distributed. When additional capacity is required we provide this. With our own experienced team of project managers, drivers and helpers c-trace takes care of all the required tasks. If our own staff is already committed, we hire additional staff to increase our own team. We developed our own planning software, tools and methods for the successful implementation of a project. One of our experienced project managers will supervise the project on site and another one monitors from the office.Our teams carry out chip retrofitting, bin distribution and redundant bin return. And if the worst comes to the worst, we can take over your operational management and other related tasks.

Good to know

  • Bin distribution services
  • Redundant bin return services
  • Installation and retrofitting of RFID chips
  • Bin change management
  • Public relations work, e.g. information letters
  • Hotline service for residents