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Digital solutions for waste management

Take advantage of the opportunities that digitisation provides though use of our systems. With our waste management software, portals and apps information available through a 24 customer centre which is always open. Digital process means more services for residents.

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Solutions for municipal waste collections

Optimise your collection logistics with software and vehicle systems from c-trace. Our digital solutions for municipal waste management make daily work easier and more efficient. Advantages in the back office and on the collection vehicle.

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Commercial waste collection solutions

The c-trace system solutions help you master complex tasks in Industrial and commercial waste collection services. Improve profit and quality of delivery with order management, route planning, service recording and billing.

Solutions for container distribution

We have a range of proven technology to help customers master bin distribution tasks. We offer planning through specialised software and cater for RFID pre-chipped containers as well as delivering a seamless RFID retro fitting process in the field, all based on real world experience.