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Digital solutions for waste management

Work efficiently using c-trace tools.

Do you still manage your bin inventory with Excel spreadsheets? Do your residents still register bulky waste with manual requests? Do your residents still have to look at a web page or written waste calendar to find out the next collection date? c-trace offers comprehensive solutions for all these questions!

The basis is our waste management software c-ware, which we developed ourselves. Due to the modular structure, it can meet and exceed a wide variety of requirements. In the simplest stage of expansion, this can display information from vehicle-mounted systems with telematics readings, or manage bin inventories (with or without an RFID chip). Over the years, following the growing needs of our customers, many other useful modules have been developed. All devised to make work easier and more effective.

In addition to waste management software, more and more apps and portals have been developed for your resident population or employees in recent years. Some applications optimise  internal processes such as bulky waste disposal or the detection of incorrect material in the bin. Other applications are used for digital communication between you and your residents. Whether via app or online portal, almost all waste management needs can now be satisfied around the clock with c-trace products. Use our products, optimise and communicate effectively with the people you serve!