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Front End Loaders for trade waste collection

c-trace routinely supply: Robust weighing systems, electronic proof of performance, and efficient job and order management solutions.

Front end loaders

It's the weight that matters

The advantage of the FEL concept is obvious: Efficient trade waste collection in single-man operations requires robust and reliable systems which support the driver to get the most from the truck.
We provide genuinely dynamic weighing systems which for FEL operations which weigh heavy loads with calibrated precision in a continuous operation without stopping or pausing. The dynamic scale is universally accepted by our customer´s drivers as the weighing does not interrupt the bin emptying procedure and has genuine benefits and advantages. The scale and load cells are designed for a harsh working environment and are integrated directly into the forks. Therefore it does not increase the total vehicle height as it would be the case with an under-body scale. Our dynamic scale can be mounted to any typical type of front end loader and is used on a daily basis with great success in commercial and industrial waste collection operations.
Our systems and solutions support the whole logistical process in waste management operations, from work flow through to invoicing. Order management systems are a flexible tool which allows the driver to be guided from job to job and can provide a ready solution to customer’s demands allowing for re-scheduling to take place at any time in the working day. Once the job is completed it is immediately transmitted back to the office for reporting and invoice production, all done at the press of a button. Bin identification from RFID tagging produces a signature of collection as each transponder gives a unique reference number to which client ownership is assigned. During the emptying of the bin both the RFID chip is read and the GPS coordinate is recorded and proof of service is produced. This saves time and effort maximising vehicle usage.