Rear loader for waste collection

Rear loaders for
waste collection

Identify bins, weigh waste quantities, optimise routes: with vehicle systems from c-trace.

Rear loaders

Universal use for daily operation

The rear loader is the all-rounder for the waste collection. It can be used for almost any kind of collection. The c-trace system solutions ensure that all relevant data is captured on the vehicle and transferred automatically. As an expansion to our identification systems, we offer a dynamic weighing system for rear loader trucks. We have developed solutions to work on all commonly available lifters: the weighing systems can be easily integrated and achieve precise and legal-for-trade weighing results. The idea is that we install all the components on the lifter itself. In case of a vehicle breakdown or an accident the lift can be bolted on another vehicle. For the collection of loose bulk waste (e.g. construction waste) our static legal-for-trade underbody weighing system is used. This system is suitable for large steel containers that cannot be weighed by a dynamic weighing system mounted on the bin lift. Our UHF technology and chips specifically for large containers ensure long reading distances. For trade waste collection the integrated order management with navigation to collection sites has proved successful. If a weighing system is integrated, the on-board computer immediately reports the collected weights for billing. The route guiding software FollowMe helps the driver keep his collection round under control. Even non-local drivers are safely guided to their destinations.