Telematik Abfallwirtschaft

Telematics optimises waste management logistics

A good telematics solution links together all vehicle systems and data streams and ensures more transparency and efficiency.

Waste management telematics system

A powerful tool for your fleet

Do you want to service your collections and operations in the most efficient manor and increase your productivity?The c-trace telematics system supports you with systematic control of your rounds, orders and logistics processes as well the optimal utilisation of your vehicle fleet. Our telematics solution for waste collection vehicles and other vehicle types brings telemetry data from various systems together on one open platform.

One system, many applications

Our telematics system supports your planning, fleet management and all other up and coming tasks within one or multiple depots.
  • Municipal waste management
  • Commercial waste management
  • Bulky waste
  • Bin service
  • Container service
  • Winter highway services 
  • Street cleaning

Benefits of a telematics system

Telematics systems and mobile solutions have become an important success factor in waste management they save time and money and improve profitability. With a telematics system, dispatchers are able to track the location of the vehicles in real time, plan routes optimally and process orders quickly. In the waste management industry, the processes are highly complex, as are the requirements for the environmentally sound treatment of waste. Telematics systems offer a high potential for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Improved overview
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Time saving

Features of the c-trace telematics system

  • Moving information to a common communication platform
  • One single application for your dispatchers
  • Continuous process support across all fields of application and workshops
  • Mobile solutions or installed units on the vehicle
  • Extensive functions as well as evaluation options
  • Modular and expandable at any time
  • Individual customer or user extension options
  • Cloud solution or locally installed application
  • Open interfaces for the integration of external vehicle systems (CleANopen) 

Systems and applications optimally cross-linked

With a telematics solution from c-trace, all systems work seamlessly together. Even third party systems can be integrated. We have a great deal of experience in this area.
  • Centralised data management
  • Supervision of all disposal logistic tasks
  • Track vehicle activities in real-time
  • Merge information from  connected systems
  • Data analysis and graphical presentation of important KPIs
  • Management of household and commercial bin types
  • Planning  returning of redundant bins as well as distribution of new bins
  • Detailed overview on container stock
  • Breakdown of large regions into smaller collection areas
  • Consideration of operational parameters such as bin type, collection rhythms, etc.
  • Efficient allocation of personnel and vehicle fleet deployments
  • Planning of optimised collection rounds
  • All types of collection: Regular rounds, order rounds, dischargeable container rounds, container service
  • Complete recording of key collection statistics (GPS tracking conditions, signals)
  • Analysis of vehicle operating data for continuous improvement of collection rounds
  • Display of rounds on iPhone or iPad via c-route viewer app
  • High planning reliability
  • Driver guidance  of optimised rounds  increases flexibility in the planning and personnel deployment
  • Drivers do not need local knowledge, new staff will be able to drive round with visual route guidance 
  • Collection rounds available in a 2D or 3D map view
  • Consideration of vehicle-specific restrictions (permitted overall weight, axle load, height clearance, vehicle width, etc.)
  • Management of orders (jobs)
  • Order transfer to vehicles
  • Communication between supervisor and driver via the in cab device
  • Automated further processing for notification or billing
  • Identification of containers via RFID chip or bar code
  • Assignment of bins to households or commercial customers
  • Recording of all relevant data during emptying on the vehicle (bin lift)
  • Optional connection to weighing system
  • Dynamic weighing system tailored for the adverse conditions in the collection  industry
  • Static body weighing system e. g. for bulk collection and large industrial containers
  • Use of shock and impact resistant load cells
  • Solutions for all common types of bin lifters and vehicles
  • Installation and maintenance of the weighing system (to statutory regulations)
  • Recording and processing of FMS data, including:
    Collection round start
    Driving time
    Standstill time
    Break time
    Time without ignition
    Driven distance
    Fuel consumption
    Fuel consumption per km/mile
    Fuel consumption per hour
    Excessive acceleration
    Hard braking

  • Special camera system integration available 
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    You already have software or hardware in use that cover business day to day functions. No problem! Open interfaces (CleANopen) ensure a smooth integration of adjacent systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will check the possibilities of integration.

    With c-trace you have a partner with extensive industry know-how in the disposal industry. We are at your side in all questions concerning the realisation of your complete solution. Would you like more information about our telematics solution? Just contact us! We are happy to help.