Container service solutions 

Big container roll-out project? For your task choose our solution.

Do you have to set down or move in thousands of containers this year? Do you want to introduce an identification system and are wondering how the transponders are built into the bins?  Whenever a large number of containers have to be tackled for a project, we can help. We have created our own service company for a practical implementation solution, which can provide project-related support throughout Germany. Since these projects require a great deal of resources for a short period of time, we can provide sufficient work force and trucks needed to carry out a project at short notice. We work exclusively in compliance with the minimum wage, the Working Hours Act and driving times.  Your task:  
  • Import a waste or recycling container type in large numbers 
  • Retrofitting large quantities of containers with a chip 
  • No staff for hotline, printing centre and distribution know how.  
We have the experience, the people and the system to solve it. We are you have a contract for the distribution of new waste containers, collection of old containers or retrofitting of chips. We not only offer the manpower, but also a comprehensive package of planning and execution, public relations, resident surveys and a hotline during the busy phase. We can then also take care of the accumulated change of service for you.  Other services complete the package: If you want to record your commercial containers, we can offer you this inventory as a service.  We always have the right concept ready for you for both large and small projects. We have created the appropriate tools for this, which make the implementation transparent and plannable. We guarantee smooth and timely processing, so that the project is positively perceived by your residents. With our many years of experience of more than 12,000,000 container services in the field , we will also make your container project a success. The procedure we have developed is a guarantee for the success of your project. From planning to execution to the last container, we are there for you.