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Intelligent system solutions for the waste management industry of the future!

This is what digital waste management of tomorrow will look like! Get to know us and take a look at the work of a leading IT system house for the waste management industry.

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191118 CT Weihnachtskarte Firmengebaeude
c-trace wishes

Merry Christmas and a good start to the New Year 2021.

Dear friends and business partners,
"The greatest events, these are not our  quietest hours". Friedrich Nietzsche
After this year of unprecedented events, it is time for us to take a deep breath and enjoy these quiet hours.

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Waste management software
Simplify your work

Everything is visible, everything under control

You are pulling the strings now! With solutions provided by c-trace you can optimise all of your working and logistic processes for your company’s operations.

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Software Development
We understand the industry

We speak "waste management" and "C/C#"

We are experts at translating the tasks of waste management into software solutions: our team of developers does just that.

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Waste management telematics systems
Optimally cross-linked

Telematics in
waste management

With a telematics system from c-trace, you know what's going on! All systems work seamlessly together and optimise everyday logistical waste management processes.

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System Programming
Intelligent systems

Perfect connections

Our vehicle telematics installations ensure optimum communication is achieved from vehicle to software and additionally office to vehicle.

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Fahrzeugtypen DSC 4194 CFr 1
Always the right technology

Relevant solutions; for your fleet

c-trace cater for rear loaders, side loaders and front end loaders (FEL), the technology is designed specifically to suit the operations of these types of vehicles.

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RFID chips
RFID chips

Your waste bins: made 'simply unique'

Installation of our transponders into your bins ensures that ownership is positively assigned every time.

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Define processes

Good advice leads to success

Our solutions are able to integrate into any ERP system. Our team of advisors will support you: from the interface to a full integration into SAP.

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Kommunalentsorgung Select
Best practice in UK

Around the world: for more efficiency on the road

Waste management companies worldwide rely on our comprehensive solutions.

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Simply more: Always the right solution

Municipal waste collection

Optimise your waste management logistics and performance with software and vehicle systems from c-trace. Our solutions for the municipal sector will simplify and streamline daily tasks, creating efficiencies both in the office and on the vehicle.

Trade waste collection

Master your trade waste collection orders with c-trace systems. Order management, route planning, operational recording to billing systems will improve service delivery and efficiency in all trade waste operations.

Industrial and commercial disposal
Industrial and commercial disposal

For waste management operations on complex industrial sites, airports and exhibition facilities c-trace provides a unique service. We work jointly with the client to produce an integrated waste management solution giving you a transparent overview showing all waste and recycling streams.

Highway maintenance services
Highway maintenance services

Use our IT and telematics technology for summer and winter highway services and benefit from optimised rounds, improved data quality and accurate billing. Operational reports and statistics are generated to guaranteed legal standards.

Types of vehicles

Rear loader

Rear loader

For the all-rounder of waste collection trucks we have developed identification and weighing systems to work on all commonly available bin lifters. The idea is that we install all the components on the lifter itself. In case of a vehicle breakdown or an accident the lift can be bolted on another vehicle.

Side loader

Side loader

For these trucks their single-man operation needs processes to be as fast as the vehicle itself. We have developed solutions with chip readers which have long reading distances to ensure that no bin is missed. In cab route guidance systems support the driver on round; this is very useful for inexperienced drivers. We cater for top loading and grabber type side loader body and lift combinations.

Front end loader

Front end loader

The front end loader is a popular choice for trade and industrial collections. Our fully dynamic weighing systems are state-of-the-art. They weigh heavy loads with great accuracy. With systems to support the logistical operation of the vehicle; covering order to bill.

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