Solutions for household waste collection- fee based services


The all-round package from collection logistics, planning to bill.

For municipal waste collection services, we offer a wealth of possible solutions that can be adapted to your needs and your work environment. This gives us a uniform end-to-end solution from the overall administration in your area / district for setting fees and charges to the logistical tasks in the collection operation itself. Benefit from a scalable solution that can be adapted to your specific tasks.

Do you want to establish fair charges based on an RFID identification system? In the simplest case, this can include a container inventory and thus an equal distribution of the waste collection charges among all your customers. The system only allows containers that have a chip to be emptied. Alternatively, you introduce an emptying fee per emptying and/or also by weight. We offer the range from the chip to the vehicle mounted technology to data processing in our specialist software.

Use our systems to plan and execute your daily work. The RFID systems help you with complaint processing and proof of delivery. You can even identify waste bins posted multiple times in different locations and block them from being emptied.

However, our software also supports you in your daily work in route planning. Be it in the planning of your rounds or in the daily business of a variety of change-based services. We have a great solution to special collections (bulky waste). Choose the right solution for you from our modules.

Do you need a solution for the administration and processing of the accumulating data through to billing? With our waste management software c-ware you get your customised solution. With c-ware you can not only manage your bins and emptying cycle. You can also carry out the billing and create the fee notices for your residents. In recent years we have added many modules and can also offer your citizens more service with apps and portals.

To make the decision and support easier, we offer to host data and provide the software from our servers in Bielefeld across all client countries.

No matter what you decide, our solutions have a flexible modular structure. You can add more modules at any time.