We support you
– no worries!

Our software and hardware specialists are available
for you by phone and on site!

After-sales support

After delivery and completion of the project, our dedicated support team will be available to respond to questions about our software and vehicle technology. We help you handle the application, updates, reports, customised features, data analysis, and system messages. Our strength is the depth of experience in our in house team. We have many years of experience and complementary skills. You can contact our telephone support Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Technical Support

Help desk support for matters related to vehicle systems: 

Request Vehicle Service: weighing system only

Request Vehicle Service: ID and weighing system

Software & System Support

Help desk support for matters related to software and information technology:

Phone +49 521 260 10 401

Drivers and operating instructions for our handheld terminals and label printers

If you have purchased a handheld terminal or a label printer from us, please download the relevant file and follow the instructions found in the user manual:

HT1-HT11 Databoy :

Handheld terminals HT 1 - H T7 (Databoy)

Handheld terminal HT 11 (Databoy Mini)

TSC - label printer:

c-ware label printer ED 8 (TSC)

Zebra printer:

c-ware label printer ED 2 (Zebra)

If you have any questions, please contact our Software & System Support team.


For the return of devices and components
Please use this accompanying form. This allows us to assign the process to you and process it faster. Accompanying form for the return of devices and components.If you have any questions please do not hesitate contact our repair office.

Remote maintenance

Many issues can be resolved quickly and easily via remote maintenance. We connect via TeamViewer to your computer, the vehicle systems and our support team can remotely connect to staff computers so we can talk you through any issues easily. Please make an appointment for a telephone / online session with our support team and download the remote control software TeamViewer to your computer.